20/20 Shots from the north
The Oh Yeah Photo Exhibition

Snow Patrol @ Odyssey Arena

The 20/20 exhibition is a chance to measure up 20 music legends with 20 contenders, the big hitters and the exciting arrivals. Its also an opportunity to celebrate some stellar photographers, from Northern Ireland and beyond. And now its on the walls of Oh Yeah, an inspirational sight.

Thanks to Belfast City Council, especially their Cultural Tourism department, which appreciates the value in our work.

Here it is then. On the walls of Oh Yeah, part of a permanent collection that we hope to expand over the years - our collective and ongoing trip. We think its a good one, and wed like to share it with you.

(for exhibition times or to arrange a viewing, call 02890 310845 or e-mail events@ohyeahbelfast.com)

The Legends

The Contenders

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