All Aboard The Contenders Tour

Sunday, 26 September 2010

All Aboard The Contenders Tour

The Oh Yeah Contenders Tour was launched by A Plastic Rose on Friday at Central Station, Belfast.

Here are the dates and the listings:

Oct 15, Nerve Centre, Derry:

Wonder Villains, Here Comes The Landed Gentry, Silhouette, A Plastic Rose, Ram's Pocket Radio 

Oct 21, Island Arts Centre, Lisburn:

Rams' Pocket Radio, Silhouette, Colly Strings, Here Comes The Landed Gentry

Nov 4, Top Of The Town, Omagh:
Silhouette, Colly Strings, Wonder Villains, Pretty Child Backfire

Nov 11, Cellar Bar, Draperstown:
Silhouette, Belwether State, Wonder Villains, Rams' Pocket Radio

All dates £5. Doors at 8pm. There's a competition with our partners Translink to get a ride on the special Contenders bus to each venue, with the bands.

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