Oh Yeah
Sessions '08

Oh Yeah is intensely proud to be involved in the launch of a new compilation album bulging with the best in NI talent. ‘Carling Supports…The Oh Yeah Sessions’ delivers eight tracks of new music, recorded at the Start Together studios in this very building in Belfast.

The featured acts are Kowalski, The Panama Kings, Cashier No. 9, LaFaro, And So I Watch You From Afar, Mojo Fury, General Fiasco and The Jane Bradfords. There are bonus tracks from Kerrang! favourites In Case Of Fire, plus a brand new track from David Holmes, 'McCready Rides Again'.

Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol is a board member of Oh Yeah. He has delivered the CD sleevenotes. Gary writes: “The vast array of approaches by every band on here is astonishing. A lot of it quite defies categorisation but is always thrilling and extremely exciting and undeniably encouraging for the future of music from Northern Ireland. And this is just the tip of the iceberg as waiting in the wings are hundreds of amazing bands some of which we’ll hopefully get the chance to highlight on the (fingers-crossed) many albums we’ll put out in the future.”

It is released on April 21, on sale at HMV branches and Phoenix Records in Belfast. There will be a downloadable version of the album (details TBA), minus the David Holmes and In Case Of Fire tracks.

The project was co-authored by Aisling Duffy for Carling and Michael Bell for Fate magazine. Oh Yeah would like to thank them for their enthusiasm, drive and professional support.

All of the proceeds from ‘Carling Supports… The Oh Yeah Sessions’ will help in the renovation of the Oh Yeah music centre.

The tracks are:

1.When Jackie Shone - Cashier No.9
2. Phil Kansus – Kowalski
3. Where's Your Sense of Urgency? – Panama Kings
4. A Little Bit Of Solidarity Goes A Long Way – And So I Watch You From Afar
5. Golden Ticket – The Jane Bradfords
6. Colour Of The Bear – Mojo Fury
7. Please Take Your Time – General Fiasco
8. Mr. Heskey – Lafaro

Bonus Tracks:

9. Align the Planets - In Case of Fire
10. McCready Rides Again - David Holmes

The cost of the CD is: £6.99

Postage rates are:

UK and Ireland – free
Europe – £2
Rest Of The World – £3